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Cermet Description:
Metal-ceramic (cermet) In order to make both high-temperature ceramic not easily broken, in the production of ceramic clay put some metal powder, so fabricated metal ceramics. Metal cermet substrate in the metal oxide powder was added to the system, also known as diffuse reinforcement. There are sintered aluminum (aluminum - aluminum oxide), sintered beryllium (beryllium - beryllium oxide), TD-nickel (Ni - thorium oxide) and so on. From one or more of the ceramic phase and the metal phase or the alloy composite materials. Generalized cermet include refractory compounds alloys, tungsten carbide, metal-bonded diamond tools and materials. Cermet having a ceramic phase in the melting point, high hardness, refractory oxide or a compound of the transition metal elements of the main phase (iron, cobalt, nickel, chromium, tungsten, molybdenum, etc.) and alloys thereof.

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