Quartz crucible

石英坩埚 石英坩埚

1. Quartz crucible at 1450 degrees below the use of clear and opaque. By arc discharge method translucent quartz crucible is drawn large diameter silicon, the basis for the development of LSI essential materials. Today, the world''s semiconductor industry in developed countries has been replaced by this crucible small transparent quartz crucible. He has high purity, heat resistance, large size, high precision, good insulation, energy conservation, and stable quality.
2, can not touch and HF, high temperatures, easy and a caustic alkali and alkali metal carbonates effect.
3. Quartz crucible suitable for use K2S2O7, KHSO4 samples and used as a flux melt Na2S207 (first drying at 212 degrees) as a flux treated sample.
4. Quartz brittle, easily broken, used to pay attention.

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