SiC batts

碳化硅棚板 碳化硅棚板

SiC batts Description:
In SiC99% main raw material of silicon carbide batts, sub-Si3N4 bonded, Sialon binding, β-SiC combination, Si2ON2 binding and recrystallization.
Product Features
Product under high temperature deformation resistance is very strong, long-term use without turning over, can significantly improve the quality of ceramics firing, reducing the operator''s labor intensity.
Batts smooth surface, no slag off during use, long life, is the same kind of silicon carbide shelf life of more than three times normal.
Good resistance to thermal shock, temperature does not exceed hourly lift 300 ℃, batts without cracking phenomenon.
High strength, thin, can maximize the utilization of the furnace and energy saving rate, the use of high temperature sintering can be used within the range of 1400 ℃.

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